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All facials are available at package pricing of buy 5, get 1 Free

They are customized based on your determined skin type, challenges, and skincare goals at each appointment. They may include a neck and shoulder massage, face massage, hot towels, steam, ultrasonic pore extractions, manual pore extractions, high frequency, and a hand and arm massage depending on your preference of results and relaxation.


Custom Spa Facial

Specifically tailored to address your skin concerns. Includes deep pore double cleanse, extractions, exfoliation, and custom mask. The advanced version adds in an extra exfoliation step with a Hydradermabrasion to vacuum out the pores and infuse clarifying and antioxidant solutions.

Basic 50 min. $75

Advanced 60 min. $100

Everyone's favorite spa facial. Gentle enzyme exfoliation removes dead skin, and an oxygenating 02 mask bubbles and infuses hydration into the skin. Ideal for all skin types, especially dry, congested, or sensitive. Pairs great with a dermaplaning treatment add-on.

50 min. $75

Dermaplane Facial

Dermaplaning uses a surgical blade to remove layers of dead skin build-up and vellus hair that trap dirt and oil in the skin.  It is followed with extractions, a custom skin-boosting serum, and a nutrient hydrojelly mask to renew the skin.  Leaves skin silky smooth, hydrated, and allows products to penetrate deeper.

60 min. $109

Oxygenating 02 Lift Facial
Enzyme Facials

A more potent version of our custom facial uses our Signature Vitamin C enzyme peel to lighten, tighten, and brighten the skin. It is followed with pore extractions and either a 02 oxygentating mask or a custom hydrojelly mask, depending on your skin's needs.

Enzyme only Facial 60 min. $100

 with Dermaplaning 75 min. $125

 with Hydraderm 75 min. $125

Age Defy Microcurrent Facial

The ultimate lifting and toning facial treatment. Includes your choice of a peel, hydraderm, or dermaplane exfoliation. Microcurrent uses a low-level electrical current that mimics our bodies current to stimulate collagen and lift, tone, and tighten the muscles of your face and neck. Finishes with your choice of an eye or lip microcurrent mask OR a custom hydrojelly mask. Series of 4-6 is recommended.

90 min. $150



Ideal for all skin types except severe rosacea. It provides a vacuum suction with a diamond tip and custom serum solution to remove dead skin cells, stimulate lymphatic drainage, and provides a deep and comfortable pore cleansing. Benefits include pore minimization, softens and diminishes fine lines and age spots, softens and smooths skin, and hydrates. Finishes with a custom antioxidant and peptide oxygen infusion to hydrate and repair skin. Ideal for all skin types, especially congested, dry, dull, and acneic. Series of 6 is recommended.


Package of 6 for $300

A physical exfoliation treatment that uses a surgical scalpel to ìscrapeî the skinís surface, removing vellus hair (peach fuzz) and dead skin. This provides smoother skin, deeper product penetration, and can lessen the appearance of imperfections. It is followed with a gel mask to calm the skin. It can be used alone or added to other services to improve efficacy.


Package of 6 for $300


Microcurrent uses a low-level electrical current to left, tone, and tighten the neck and facial muscles. It stimulates ATP in our bodies, which leads to a burst of energy, causing the stimulation of collagen and elastin production. It is like an intense workout for the face. It also includes your choice of an exfoliation treatment (beginner peel, hydradermabrasion, or dermaplaning treatment). Min of 4 treatments is recommended spaced 1-2 weeks apart, followed by monthly maintenance sessions.


Packages of 6 for $450

Neck only $50 (will not include additional exfoliation)

DMK Enzyme Treatment

This 100-minute treatment is unlike any other treatment in the world. Unlike other enzyme therapies, DMK works with the skin to remove, rebuild, protect, and maintain the skin with their custom blend of naturally occurring enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids, and peptides found in our bodies. This treatment causes a Plasmatic Effect in the skin that brings oxygen-rich blood to the surface and stimulates our skin cells to start functioning as normal again and repairing our acid mantle in the process. Ideal for all skin types but especially those who are having trouble with unbalanced skin. This treatment includes a take-home kit of 1 month's worth of skincare products to help retain treatment results.  4 are recommended spaced 2-4 weeks apart.


Package of 4 for $600

Pain-free micro-channeling treatment that addresses fine lines/wrinkles, large pores, and lax skin. Uses a blend of filler, Botox, and targeted serums. Includes a custom exfoliation treatment and hydrojelly mask to help infuse nutrients. Results last up to 6 months.


Package of 3 for $2,050

Skin Pen

Stimulates the skin's natural ability to repair itself by triggering collagen production. Minimizes fine lines, pores, scarring, and pigmentation. Suitable for all skin types excluding keloid prone skin, uncontrolled diabetes, and those with blood clotting issues.3-6 treatments are recommended for desired results.


Package of 3 for $750



Chemical peels improve and smooth the texture of the skin, clear acne, brighten/lighten pigmentation, and improve fine lines and wrinkles. While results can be seen with just a single treatment, a minimum of 4-6 is recommended to see true change and lasting results in the skin.


Signature Lift

This vitamin C enzyme peel is lovingly referred to as the "4 layer Facelift". The Enzyme is layered with an AHA resurfacing mask (if tolerated) and a hydrating vitamin c enzyme mask that helps hydrate, tighten, and brighten in just one treatment. This is the ideal treatment for those with sensitive or rosacea-prone skin, those suffering from dryness/dullness, and for someone looking for a hydrating peel with zero downtime.


Package of 6 for $300

This powerful AhA peel uses a blend of Lactic and Kojic Acids to target and correct all pigmentation forms. Leaves the skin even-toned and illuminated. Zero downtime treatment. Minimal to no flaking.


Package of 6 for $300

Add to another facial treatment or spa facial for $25

Wrinkle Lift

This ultra resurfacing blend of Glycolic acid and Retinol visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and stimulates collagen production in our skin. Leaves skin firmed and rejuvenated. Minimal to no flaking.


Package of 6 for $300

Add to another facial treatment or spa facial for $25.

Lightening Lift

Intermediate/Advanced Peels

Perfection Lift Peel

(Must have had a beginner peel first before scheduling this one.) This self- neutralizing modified Jessners peel minimizes fine lines, evens out skin tone and texture, and helps to reduce breakouts. Also available in a higher strength for more advanced skin concerns. Mild to moderate flaking/peeling.


Package of 6 for $425

Beta Lift Peel

This beta-hydroxy peel uses Salicylic Acid to effectively reduce breakouts, kill bacteria, and minimize oil production. Mild to moderate flaking/peeling.


Package of 6 for $425


The Virtually pain-free chemical peel. VI Peels use a unique formula that fortifies the skin with vitamins and minerals while going through the exfoliation process. All peels come with a take-home kit of products to ensure optimal and lasting results. 1-3 VI Peels are typically recommended, though more could be necessary depending on the severity of skin concerns. Mild to moderate skin peeling is expected with the peel and will typically last 3-4 days.

Original VI Peel

Ideal for sensitive skin, first-time peel patients, and tone/texture concerns. It is formulated with TCA, Retinoic Acid (Vitamin A), Salicylic Acid, Phenol, and L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C).


Ideal for those with aging concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles and keratosis pilaris. Uses the same ingredients as the regular VI Peel plus a .8ml booster to allow for more passes and deeper penetration.


VI Precision Plus Peel

Ideal for moderate to severe texture and tone issues, advanced aging, hyperpigmentation, and melasma. Uses the same ingredients as the original VI Peel plus 2 boosters that contain hydroquinone, kojic acid, hydrocortisone, and salicylic acid. The Precision Plus is the most advanced pigmentation peel available.


VI Advanced Peel

*For any questions regarding the chemical peels,
please consult with our Aesthetician.

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